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I Choose You // Sara Bareilles 

The very first words of a lifelong love letter..


Beer honestly just tastes how I imagine urine to taste it is so rank and people are always like nah try this because this is special Beer and then it’s like oh ok urine with cinnamon in it great

Relationships scare me, the idea of someone knowing everything about you, feeling vulnerable knowing that they have your world in their hands. Not knowing when the right time to kiss them or hug them. Constantly wondering what they actually feel about you. Im scared of not being enough, and seeing my insufficiency through their eyes, I say I want a relationship but the idea of it terrifies me. Falling in love scares me.

"I love you so much that it completely terrifies me."

A Ten Word Story (via lion—hearted)

"You’re my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night but I’m terrified that I never cross your mind."

Midnight Thoughts (via reality-escape-artist)